Author: Keith Baxter

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De-risking the Downturn

11:57 19 December in Uncategorised

What role does risk management have to play in a recession? For most companies, preparing for and surviving the downturn means brutal cost-cutting in order to survive. So why would we spend time and money on improving our risk management processes at such a time? In fact,...

Avoiding Black Swans

13:35 15 July in Business

n 2008, Nassim Nicholas Talib published a book called "The Black Swan". A Black Swan is defined as being an event which has three characteristics; it is highly improbable, has massive impact and, in a strange way, appears almost inevitable after the event! Due...


13:44 10 June in Business

Keith Baxter is an internationally renowned expert in enterprise risk management. Keith is the Managing Director of De-RISK Ltd and the blog is an insight into how his mind works....