Railway infrastructure upgrade programme

The client was tasked to electrify a complete stretch of line whilst making use of advanced technologies, such as robotics, that had never been tried before. The timescales were very aggressive and had slipped several times before De-RISK involvement.


The first major milestone was to get the Test-Track live and the target date was 1 Sep 15. The QBC analysis showed that there was a 0% chance of hitting 1 Sep 15 and it was more likely to be Nov 15, which was deemed as totally unacceptable.


De-RISK attempts to get the governance in place met with resistance based on the fact that the organization were already doing (tactical, bottom-up) risk management and failed to understand that this was strategic and top-down and therefore of high value to senior management. This led to the end of De-RISK’s involvement in the programme which subsequently missed the Test Track live milestone by several months and led to an almost complete removal of the senior management team.


The new management team re-approached De-RISK to re-evaluate and manage the strategic risk profile.


“The organisation made a big mistake by not following through on this analysis – we won’t make the same mistake again” – Programme Director