Strategic Programme Risk Management

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You are in charge of a large, complex programme or project, the delivery of which is strategically crucial to your organization. It may be the delivery milestones that worry you, or the budget or the likelihood that the benefits to the business will ultimately be realised. You have detailed plans but you don’t know whether you can trust them. You have a good team but you don’t know if they are being completely open with you or if they are experienced enough. You may be doing something that is more complex than you have attempted before, is on a scale not attempted before or uses new or unfamiliar technology. You need to De-RISK

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ABCD Risk Management

ABCD works where other risk management approaches fail. One of the main reasons for this is that ABCD focuses on positives (ie assumptions) rather than negatives (ie risks) and is therefore seen as a positive exercise by people who would normally feel uncomfortable with a ``risk assessment. ABCD is fully scaleable - it can be used on everything from small projects to large scale programmes and full business enterprises. Most importantly, ABCD is a true enterprise risk management approach.

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Strategic Target Analysis

Traditional estimating approaches take good quality estimates (eg capital assets) and poor quality estimates (eg resource estimates for activities never attempted before) and simply add them together to produce an add-up cost which conceals the uncertainties. Further if these uncertainties are now lost in the add-up cost there is no way of re-analysing and therefore no way of managing the cost-risk. Strategic Target Analysis (STA) is a proven way of accurately estimating the cost-risk (ie budget, timescales and/or benefits) in any size of programme.

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