Web based risk tools

Large-scale programmes fail due to inadequate risk management. De-RISK ABCD is probably the most effective Programme Risk Management methodology available in the world today. However, without an appropriate toolset to support the large scale multi-site programmes that are common place in this day and age, the methodology will struggle to deliver its promised benefits. Very often excellent new processes with inadequate tools are introduced into an organisation but then fail to embed over time and hence fade away.

Assure has been designed to fully support and embed the process and provide the potential to turn it into the driving force behind any programme management approach.

Assure Web-based Enterprise Risk Management Toolset

Assure has been designed to operate on the SofTools performance support platform.

Total Support Environment

Full ABCD Process/Functionality

Using simple browser based forms, the user can capture and share all risk-related data in real-time over as wide a network as is necessary. Conversely, administrators have complete control over data security at all levels from individual assumptions and risks through to reports and functionality.

Ultimately increased and more effective communications equates to improved risk management and real cost savings for you and your clients.

Assure is also a true Programme Risk Management tool theoretically unlimited levels of projects can be supported in terms of hierarchy of risks and auto-escalation between levels.

The tool is extremely flexible so that it can satisfy both corporate needs for standardisation and local needs for custom reports.

Information and Action Management

Assure has the functionality to manage the risk-based information at all appropriate levels – unlike a spreadsheet which is “flat”. This allows information to be layered and emphasised as required. One particular advantage is that Action Plans can be broken down into detail so that progress can be monitored effectively. Internal triggers in the Action Plans mean that commitments will be followed through or alerts will get things back on track quickly and efficiently.

Integrated Monte-Carlo Analysis

STA uses Monte Carlo analysis of the estimating “Bricks”. It is essential that the driving assumptions remain associated with their Bricks throughout the analysis and their subsequent management via Action Plans. Assure is the only tool that provides this integrated environment.

Web-Based Business Apps

One of Assure’s great strengths is its agility and flexibility. The toolset can be modified (often in minutes) to exactly match clients requirements (e.g. New fields, new reports, even new tools). Further, Assure’s functionality is not limited to risk management and virtually any tools that are currently spreadsheet based can be converted into web-based apps in les than 24hours. Ultimately users have the ability to use the AppStudio functionaity to create and change their own Apps if they so wish.

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