Highly experienced risk professionals working to a rigorous process

De-RISK: A unique approach to risk management

De-RISK is an organisation set up to de-risk your business. We offer a complementary range of services including management consulting, risk tools and risk management training to identify and mitigate the risks in all key aspects of your business:

  • De-risk your projects – identify the things that could hold you back and deliver full benefits, on time and within your planned budget ie Project Risk management
  • De-risk your operations – identify where your business processes and supply chain are weak and inefficient and stop the failures before they happen ie Operational Risk Management
  • De-risk your strategy – identify where your business strategy is at risk and re-align for success in the ever changing marketplace ie Strategic Risk Management
“This merger integration could not have been achieved on-time without ABCD.”
Merger Programme Director, Global Bank Merger
“The organisation made a big mistake by not following through on this analysis – we won’t make the same mistake again.”

Programme Director, Railway infrastructure upgrade programme
“At last we have something scientific on which to base our decisions.”
Transformation Director, Global Financial Institution Outsourcing
“The best example of government programme risk management that I have seen.”

Government Dept Minister, Major Government Outsourcing Programme

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