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De-risking the Downturn

11:57 19 December in Uncategorised

What role does risk management have to play in a recession? For most companies, preparing for and surviving the downturn means brutal cost-cutting in order to survive. So why would we spend time and money on improving our risk management processes at such a time? In fact,...

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Why the psychology behind traditional risk management approaches means that they won’t work

15:45 08 September in Risk Analysis, Risk Management

The formal approach your clients are employing to understand project risk may not guarantee project success Chances are most of your client’s project management frameworks include some form of risk management process for any significant project. After all, if the project matters, the PMO, legal team, risk or compliance...

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Why you’re probably under-estimating GDPR

11:42 20 August in GDPR

Too few businesses have the 25th May 2018 set as a key milestone date in their organisation’s calendar. This is the date when the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect. GDPR will be a new EU data compliance law, designed to ensure that...

Avoiding Black Swans

13:35 15 July in Business

n 2008, Nassim Nicholas Talib published a book called "The Black Swan". A Black Swan is defined as being an event which has three characteristics; it is highly improbable, has massive impact and, in a strange way, appears almost inevitable after the event! Due...


13:44 10 June in Business

Keith Baxter is an internationally renowned expert in enterprise risk management. Keith is the Managing Director of De-RISK Ltd and the blog is an insight into how his mind works....