Strategic Delivery Assurance for Strategic Partners

You are a partner or senior manager in a large management consultancy or service provider. You have aggressive targets to meet and your business is all about new clients and deepening your relationships with your current clients.

How often have you found your client engagements to be:


  • In need of an injection of momentum to drive real results for your clients
  • Lacking the rigour to identify the real issues and fully support your recommendations
  • Slow to generate the new business that results from the fixes uncovered in the engagement
  • Unable to get commitment for an engagement because the client fails to see the true value of your help

Our Strategic Delivery Assurance [SDA] will drive your clients’ projects and programmes while maximising engagement returns for your business

You are under pressure to meet your targets and deliver results. It’s part of your daily life.

We know this because we come from a large consultancy background ourselves.

That pressure is why we developed a unique risk assessment approach that simplifies complexity and increases predictability by identifying the real strategic risks and opportunities inherent in your client’s programmes.  Our work has been proven to give client projects the fresh impetus needed to succeed. And it gives consultants, like you, new opportunities for business, because our methodologies reveal previously unseen risks and opportunities for you to manage on behalf of your clients.

Our strategic delivery assurance can help you manage your client’s projects and find opportunities to increase your engagements – with a cost-effective investment and within just a week or two.

Increase engagement returns with Strategic Delivery Assurance [SDA]

Cut through complexity and bring insight and predictability to your clients’ programmes

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Seven reasons our clients rely on our SDA approach to programme risks:


Achieves accurate assessment of risk of achieving timescales, budgets and/or benefits in days rather than weeks.


Works where Quantitative Schedule Risk Analysis (QSRA) fails – analysing strategically (i.e. top-down) rather than tactically (i.e. bottom-up).


Provides a rigorous “roadmap” of the assumptions to be managed to get from where you are predicted to be, to where you want to be.


Overcomes psychological barriers to discussing risks, to pin point real risks that would never have been identified by traditional processes.


Prioritises the real risks that senior management need to be aware of and manage, rather than being swamped by bottom-up (project) risks.


Real risks are addressed proactively and actions followed through, rather than just tracking the risks that would be managed anyway.


Extremely flexible cloud based software (“Assure”) totally supports the process (quantitative and qualitative) to give management visibility and control.

Revealing opportunities for new engagements

Our Strategic Delivery Assurance for one of the largest bank mergers resulted in a multi-million account for strategic partner

This major international bank was undergoing a major post-merger integration programme to merge all aspects of their global operations and IT systems, under the watchful eye of regulators, investors and media. Read here how this mission-critical project delivered the on tough and aggressive milestone timescales, while turning a zero account into over £22m for the strategic partner.

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