The client was a major outsourcing organisation that had just been selected to run a multi-year global outsourcing deal that was the largest ever won. The Transition and Transformation programme was crucial to realizing the benefits of the deal and would also cost millions in penalty payments if key milestones were missed.

When De-RISK was engaged in May 14, Transition SCD (Service Commencement Date) was set for 1 Dec 14. De-RISK undertook a QBC analysis that showed a 0% chance of hitting 1 Dec, and the most likely date for SCD would be May/Jun 15. SCD actually took place on 1 May 15.

Similarly, the first key milestone in Transformation was TP live. In May 14, this had been set for 31 Jan 15. The De-RISK QBC analysis suggested May 15 was much more likely. In Sept 14, the analysis was updated due to scope changes and now it suggested that Nov 15-Jan 16 was now the most likely delivery window. The assumptions, captured (rigorously) as part of the analysis, were managed through via the normal ABCD governance procedures and Risk review Boards and resulted in pulling the delivery date back to Nov 15.

In each case the dates were changed collaboratively with the client’s client and, in the case of SCD, before the contract was signed. This led to the smoothest account start-up that anyone could remember.

“At last we have something scientific on which to base our decisions”
Transformation Director